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We help clients identify their strength in established controls and improve on areas of weakness.

We deploy professionals with industry knowledge to enable our clients improve on areas that may need to be improved. Our professionals undergo routine trainings in new knowledge pertaining various sectors of the economy including changing regulations that are of benefit to our clients. The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International public sector accounting standards (IPSAs), local regulations and sector focused laws. ANNEKO Associates, are regulated and licensed by the Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Of Uganda.

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Our clients come from varies backgrounds, their needs are varying. We therefore invest in understanding the needs of clients. What is there expectation of us? We understand the environment the entities operate from and key stakeholders;-Government, Community, Funders, Employees, Shareholders, Bankers. Insurers, Regulators, etc. our approach to varying needs are bespoke or customized to address specific challenges. Clients are devising ways to address competition, technological challenges, fraud and emerging risks, they “Clients” are in need of an independent partner to help them make reliable solutions and keep growing. This is where ANNEKO Associates derives its strength as a reliable partner in business. We have a number of clients in all sectors of the economy enabling us to learn through their experience and recommend specific industry solutions. We are therefore great partners with our clients and we value confidentiality of each of them.



•Independence checks
•Opening meeting
•Materiality assessments
•Key risk assessments (IR)
•Contract signing



•Evidence gathering
•Transaction testing
•Expert reviews
•Partner reviews
•Exit meeting



•Draft reports
•Management letters
•Support letters etc.
•Finalization of financial statements


We understand the important role the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and faith based organizations (FBO’s) play in the society and we have invested in our professionals to be able to enhance organization’s full potential in communities through;-

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  • Advisory services
  • Registration
  • Compliance
  • Donor accountability
  • Corporate training
  • Research and surveys
professional staff.
Betty Okeja Okia
Managing Partner
Anne Namunyaako
Our staff